Rocío Pérez

LifeBound Trainer

Rocío Pérez is the President & Founder of Inventiva Consulting, LLC (Inventiva). Inventiva is a leadership breakthrough organization that guides leaders through strategic easy step-by-step systems to enhance leadership, mindset, marketing and business strategies. Inventiva helps leaders achieve results with less time and effort to deliver the best results by delivering a powerful 7 Proven Step Leadership process to take people from where they are, to where they want to go. Inventiva inspires and motivates leaders and employees to deliver their very best by transforming them from the inside out. Individuals become even greater leaders because they discover and apply their hidden talents. She is the former President and CEO, Definitive Marketing, LLC, a multicultural marketing consulting firm. Ms. Pérez is a dynamic bicultural entrepreneur who has developed innovative marketing and branding strategies with a focus on multicultural markets and social responsibility.