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Coaching Certification

Virtual Team Meeting

The course is designed to build your competencies through active participation and demonstration of ability in these key areas: 


  • Personally- through six sessions of work with your own 1:1 LifeBound certified coach

  • Professionally- through your intake with a LifeBound trainer determining your personal certification goals, and outtake reflection session at the end of the process

  • Peer to Peer- through your coaching with cohort members, and your feedback to them and they to you, over the course 

  • Coaching 1:1 with sessions with clients, recorded and evaluated 

  • Coaching 1 to Many with skilled facilitation techniques 

Elements of the Individual Coaching Certification include:

  • Prerequisite: Completion of the LifeBound 3 Day Inclusive Coaching class (virtual) or 5 Day Coaching course (in-person)

  • Training and coaching sessions with a certification cohort

  • Receive monitoring and feedback while coaching students/clients

  • Be coached by a LifeBound certified coach for six sessions

  • Guidance and materials to facilitate trainings

  • Complete reflections and post-test


Candidates for Individual certification will be supported in developing a strategic plan to implement a consistent, effective practice of individualized coaching in their particular roles and professional settings.

Once certification is complete, use of the LifeBound Coaching logo is granted, and a 10% discount on all LifeBound books is available.


Online or in-person as available 


$5,000 per person, with the prerequisite of completing either the 3 Day Inclusive Coaching class (virtual) or 5 Day Coaching course (in-person)

2023 DATES

Spring, Summer, and Fall Cohorts

LifeBound will contact you to schedule dates and times over the course of a full semester.

Coaching Certification Registration


We received your registration.Thank you for your interest. We will contact you to complete the application process.



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