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1 Day Introduction to Inclusive Coaching

Learn effective coaching tools and practices that help students overcome setbacks, navigate challenges, and thrive.

College Student
Students are navigating a time of extreme uncertainty, striving to cope with the pandemic and the crisis of entrenched racism while managing partially- or fully-online college coursework. Coaching strategies can support students’ functioning and accountability as they face financial, social/emotional, and academic issues in this time. 

This one-day, targeted edition of LifeBound coaching training will give you coaching tools to help you meet students where they are right now and help them grow to their full potential.


Online, interactive, live training, up to 20 participants 


April Rice

LifeBound Certified Trainer and Facilitator 

April Rice

$497 per person


1 day (6 hours with breaks)

9am – 3:15pm MST (Adjust per your local time zone.)

Friday, September 27



For more information, please contact:


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