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Carol Carter


Carol Carter is a national and international student success author and speaker. She began her career in college publishing and became the first female assistant vice president at age 26 at Prentice-Hall as director of college marketing. Later, as V.P. and publisher, her Keys to Success series, which has been widely read throughout the U.S., Canada, and China, established Pearson as a market leader. In 2000, she started LifeBound, a student success company that publishes books, digital solutions, and conducts training for K-12 and college faculty.


Carol’s business experience and her international work provide a unique perspective on how institutions of learning, youth development, and businesses can prepare teens to thrive in an increasingly complex world. She founded, a non-profit organization that holds an annual conference convening leaders in education, government, business, and social enterprise committed to making a world of difference through access and equity. The conference also hosts first-generation college students who learn academic and professional skills while networking with companies who seek a diverse talent pipeline.


Carol has been a speaker in the Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Kenya, China, Spain, and Switzerland. In addition to her professional travels, she has been a guest in over fifty countries.

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Carol Carter
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