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Dr. Sheila Davis

LifeBound Trainer

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Dr. Davis brings fifteen years of experience translating complex concepts and principles of health equity into actionable steps at the national and local levels. Her principal accomplishments in the struggle to achieve health equity include: (1) serving as the principal investigator on a study to assess the impact of Medicare Part D on African American seniors; (2) designing a disaster preparedness report card in the context of race and poverty; and (3) co-authoring Cultural Competency Guidelines for Community Health Centers.


Her career trajectory has also been informed by her interests in health professions education and systems science. Professor Jay Forrester, a pioneer in the field of systems dynamics, introduced her to systems thinking while she was an undergraduate student at MIT. Dr. Davis applied her systems engineering background during her tenure as Acting Director of the University of Denver’s Healthcare Leadership Program – a master’s degree program in emerging health careers.

Dr. Davis is a LifeBound Certified trainer and specializes training audiences within the education and health professions.

Dr. Sheila Davis
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