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Dr. Dorothy Collins

Associate Dean of Student Success

Lehigh Carbon Community College

In your time since your LB coaching training experience, how has coaching influenced you and your work as an educator? 

Coaching has influenced me and my work as an educator of being more cognitive of how I challenge students with ways to resolve their current situation as it affects their academic success. It is promoting my leadership as well as creating teaching and learning moments throughout the experience. I am asking those powerful questions so that individuals can critically analyze the situation and improve their outcome.


How has coaching knitted a positive fabric in your department? 

The common fabric at LCCC is we are having all of our coaches go through the training and we will discuss takeaways and how we can incorporate LB coaching immediately in our work with students.

How have you set up a campus-wide culture of coaching, and what effects is it having on your students and faculty? 

We are setting up our campus-wide culture of coaching now, we are having all of our coaches take the training, and start practicing some of the coaching skills that can be immediately utilized. We plan on bringing in training for our academic advisors, faculty, and other support service areas staff that work with students. 

In this time of systemic racism, how can LB coaching be a tool to build equity, unite citizens, and restore democracy? 

LB coaching will be the opportunity for transformational change, now is the time to adopt a coaching model at the institution that forms trust where we can identify the gaps and work with the college community to fill them in and turn them into strengths. It’s the opportunity to engage individuals, with or without lived experience, who want to address the uncomfortable truths about structural racism, structural inequality, and implicit or unconscious bias.

Dr. Dorothy Collins
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