LifeBound is a social impact company that provides resources, coaching and training to drive learning and personal development for success in college, career and life.

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"This training program is of exceptional quality. It’s as good as any training opportunity I have ever been a part of over the past ten years. LifeBound uses a strong research base with knowledgeable and expert presenters."

- International Education Consultant, Author and Former School Administrator

"Excellent! One of the best trainings of my career."

- Lt. Colonel and Assistant Professor, Air Force Academy

"This is a great program that provides students with a holistic approach to the university experience."

- Faculty at University of New Mexico

"If I had the opportunity to go through Academic Coaching as a freshman entering college instead of a senior exiting it, I believe my college experience would have been radically different. In a very short period of time I thought more critically about my direction and pursuits than I ever had before and really came up with an action plan for attaining the goals I have for my future. I think that I could have avoided a lot of stress and worry over choosing my course of study and what I needed to accomplish to be able to present myself as an asset to future employers if I had gone through Academic Coaching at the start of college. The experience gave me a lot of confidence and drive to take control of creating my own opportunities for my future and pursuing my career aspirations upon graduation."

- Student, University of Denver