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3 Day Inclusive Coaching

How to coach students for personal, academic, and professional success

Female Student
College students, especially freshman, first gen, and under-served populations, experience challenges in adjusting to college culture and making the most of their opportunities to learn and connect. Coaching strategies can help students transition more effectively to college, connect more deeply with faculty and staff and resources, build accountability and self-management, and navigate the myriad of issues in this time, preparing them for fulfillment at school, work, and in their personal lives.


This three-day edition of LifeBound coaching training will give you a solid grasp of how to elicit the best within each student and use coaching strategies to empower them to soar.


Online, up to 20 participants 




3 days, 6 hours each with breaks and outside activities 

11am–5pm EST

10am–4pm CST

9am–3pm MST

8am–2pm PST

With mid-morning and lunch breaks


 REGISTER >  FRIDAYS: June 11, 18, & 25


 REGISTER >  MONDAYS: July 12, 19 & 26

 REGISTER >  THURSDAYS: July 15, 22 & 29

 REGISTER >  MON, WED, FRI: August 9, 11 & 13



For more information, please contact:


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