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Keys to Success Books


The Keys to Success series is designed to help college freshmen succeed, graduate, and go on to find valuable employment. Annually, this series is read by more than 200,000 students and has been translated in Spanish and Chinese. Since publication, this series has helped millions of students across the disciplines to make the most out of their college experience, their careers, and their lives.


The Keys to Success series is a proven resource to help you battle these trends and assist your students with having a positive college experience that effectively prepares them for the demands of the 21st century economy.


Carol Carter's Keys to Success series gives college students the skills they need in a variety of subjects to succeed in college, career, and life. All books are available for purchase through and



Keys to Business Communication


This text prepares

students for success

in the business world

through real accounts

of new and seasoned

professionals with

21st century skills.


Keys to Effective Learning


This book focuses on

developing effective learning techniques to help readers to excel in school, in their careers, and throughout their lives as lifelong learners.


The Career Tool Kit

This text covers

important topics for

today's students and

grads, from improving

time management skills

to developing a clean

image in person and



Keys to Success


This text is

designed  to build

your intelligence

and give you skills

that will transfer to

other courses,

to work,

and to life.


Keys to Career Success


This text prepares

students for

the world of work by

giving them a

comprehensive guide

of the skills every professional needs for success.


Keys to Engineering Success


Examines the skills

needed to succeed in engineering and information about

what career

opportunities are

available upon



Keys to Science Success


Explore all aspects

of careers in science,

from career planning

and preparation to networking.


Keys to Nursing Success


Learn about the

various aspects and opportunities of the profession of nursing.


Keys to College Studying


This text offers a contemporary,

refreshing approach

to traditional coverage of study skills.




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Book Carol to Speak



Download free webinar by student success expert Carol J. Carter.

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LifeBound conducts professional development trainings in Academic Coaching skills around the country. Join us for our next event in your area or 6 days of professional development in Denver. 




LifeBound Books & Curricula

What they are saying...

When I faced the daunting task of putting quadruplets into college, I knew I could not do it alone. I reached out for any resources that could help me. Carol Carter became my literary support system by helping the kids and I understand what lay ahead and offering tools to optimize the college exp...

Suzy Kellett
Jul 29, 2011
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