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The Thrill of Being a High School Freshman

Entering high school is a scary yet exciting milestone in many people’s life. As a freshman, you don’t know what to expect, especially if you are coming from a small middle school. I graduated middle school with only 63 other eighth graders and we are all separated into 13 different high schools. I know that many of us have the anxiety of not knowing what to expect on our first day.

At my middle school, we were in a very selective environment where everyone knew each other but now, we will be mixed in with all different kinds of people. How will I be able to cope with the students who are radically different from me? What if I get lost trying to find my classes? My high school is so big! Not to mention all of the upper classmen. It can definitely be intimidating.

Although I may be an incoming freshman, I feel there are a few things to make my life just a bit easier when I make my big debut entering high school. Be confident. There is nothing more important than a good first impression with not only your teachers but also your peers. Smiling at people and saying “hi” is always a good way to make friends. Not only are you getting more and more people to like you, you could possibly be gaining your very best friends. And as always, be yourself! Don’t change who you are so you get more friends or become popular. People, in general, like those who stay true to who they are.

Although starting high school is intimidating, it is something I look forward to. These next four years have so many milestones for me to reach. Regardless of the size of your middle school, becoming a freshman is always a thrilling time. Be nice, be social, be confident, be you and that first day will seem like something so small compared to what you made it up to be in your head!

About Hunter Akdis

Hunter Akdis is a freshman at Legacy High School in Colorado. She enjoys dancing, playing soccer and writing.
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